The Excel Coach UK

Health and Safety Help Risk Assessment PolicyHere at Easy Safety we also offer friendly remote Excel training, we work with you either as a one to one or as a small group. We have 3 standard bitesize easy learning sessions and can also offer custom sessions suited to your requirements.

Live Excel Basics 1

This 1 hour session covers: The ribbon, core functions, simple data entry and basic formulas

Live Excel Basics 2

This 1 hour session covers: Conditional formatting, percentages, VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP

Live Excel Basics 3

This 1 hour session covers: Tables and pivot tables

How does it work?

All sessions are delivered using Microsoft Teams where you can talk and ask questions while we guide you through the training. We like to use clear and affordable pricing, so all sessions are £30 (with an additional £5 per person if you want to invite a friend or colleague).

How to book a session?

If you would like to join one of the weekly sessions please go to our booking page here.

If you would prefer a one to one or company group session, simply contact us below and we will find a date and time to suit you.

You can find us here on Instagram – the_excel_coach_uk

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