Reviews & Check Ups

Why perform reviews?

Carrying out reviews and check ups will confirm whether your health and safety arrangements still make sense.

For example, you will be able to:

• Check the validity of your health and safety policy
• Ensure the controls you have in place for managing health and safety are still effective
• You will be able to see what has changed within the health and safety environment in your business
• You may identify new risks where controls are required, you may also identify things that are no longer necessary

How often should reviews happen?

Your risk assessments and policies should be reviewed regularly, this is to ensure that the risk of people being harmed while performing work related tasks has not changed and that no further control measures are needed. They should also be reviewed if any changes occur in your business that may increase the risk of harm.

There is no legal time frame for when you should review your risk assessments and policies. It is at your discretion to decide when a review is deemed necessary. These are working documents and as your business experiences change this information should be recorded and updated. As a guide it is recommended that risk assessments be reviewed on an annual basis.

Sometimes it’s good to have a fresh set of eyes looking over risk assessments and policies. This is where Easy Safety can help as we offer a remote review service, typical starting cost is around £30 depending on scope of the documents the size of the company.

If you need help reviewing any documents or advice please contact us below.

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