Compliance Planning

Why do you need a plan?

When setting up or growing your business its important to know which Health and Safety regulations you need to meet. Having a compliance plan will help you understand what needs doing, by when, and allow you to budget for any costs. A plan can also demonstrate your businesses commitment to Health and Safety to your employees, customers and suppliers.

What should a plan contain?

The plan is simply a list of actions with target dates and a owners. The actions are tasks that you need to complete to make your business compliant with the Health and Safety law.

Need help creating your compliance plan?

Understanding which Health and Safety rules and regulations apply to your business can be confusing. Easy Safety can help you to create your plan and understand which tasks you are confident to complete yourself vs tasks where you require assistance. Creating a plan for your business starts with a Skype or Microsoft Teams meeting where we get to know and understand your business. After the meeting we draft the plan in a format of your choosing (Microsoft Word or Excel) and email for your review. All plans are created with no commitment that you have to use our services to complete the tasks, it’s your business plan to use as you require. A plan for a small business typically starts around £50 depending on scope and the size of the company.

Contact us below for a chat if you need help creating your plan.

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